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The main aim of this project is to identify the problems inherent in the existing system of transcript management systems, and to proffer a remedy to the existing problem. Therefore the specific objectives of this project work include:  To develop information system that will serve as an interface between ex-students and institution management to enable students to make request for their transcript online, as well as track their progress and receive them back through their respective email.  Take a case study of federal polytechnic Ede. 69 PAGES | CHAPTER 1-5



There were three fundamentally distinct education systems in Nigeria in 1990. The indigenous system, Quranic Schools and formal European-style education institutions. In the rural areas where the majority lived, children learned the skills of farming and other work, as well as the duties of adulthood from participation in the community; this process was often supplemented by age based schools in which groups of young boys were instructed in community responsibilities by mature men. By the 1970s, education experts were asking how the system could be integrated into the more formal schooling of the young, but the question remained unresolved by 1990.

The education system focused strongly on examinations. In 1916 Fredrick Lugard, first governor of the Unified Colony, set up a school inspectorate. Discipline, building and adequacy of teaching staff were to be inspected, but the most points given to a school’s performance went to the numbers and ranking of it’s examinations results. This stress on examination was still used in 1990 to judge educational results and to obtain qualification for jobs in government and the private sector. As more information is made available in a variety of formats and media and in a variety of locations, the need to manage information/data efficiently becomes more and more critical. Both staff and public users want access to stored information and want to access it more efficiently.  It is the polytechnic policy to improve both the efficiency and effectiveness of result processing operations (student record/grades), and services through the implementation online student transcript management system.




Internet appeared in the mid-1990s and was perceived to be a vital component of the answer to the need for the integration of existing information systems into organizations. Despite the fact that there has been extensive research regarding implementation, development processes, policies, standardization versus creativity and so forth, the potentiality of internet  and intranet technologies has not been fully exploited especially in the academia. One of such areas is the process of applying for academic transcript from a Nigerian institution.

According to Oxford University Website (OUW, 2012), A transcript is an official record from your current or former institution outlining the marks or grades you have  achieved during study. Wikipedia (2013) defined an inventory of the courses taken and grades earned of a student alleged throughout a course. If a University does not issue official transcripts in English, it will be required that a student submitting a transcript provide both the original language version plus a certified translation (OUW, 2012).

An automated transcript is protected by security measures such as passwords, encryption, and firewalls, and thus can be accessed by authorized users through the intranet.  Secure intranets are now the fastest-growing segment of the internet because they are less expensive to build and manage than private networks based on proprietary protocols (Agajo et al, 2010). Our work, nevertheless, is not about necessarily automating a transcript, but automating the process of applying and   obtains a transcript.


The existing system is such that a graduate of an institution in need of academic transcript will have to travel to his alma mater in order to apply for it, Hence this research was able to track problem such as misplacement of student records, student’s grades, slow and strenuous accessibility to students report and record, inaccurate record keeping and poor information management within the schools. In federal polytechnic Ede for example, the process is as follows:

  • The applicant goes to the polytechnic to confirm the payment procedure
  • The applicant goes to a bursary in order to make payment.
  • The applicant takes the receipt to the exams and records department of the polytechnic in order to obtain the application form after submitting an application letter
  • The applicant completes the form and takes it to his former department in order for the transcript to be officially processed and forwarded to the requesting institution within few weeks.

The above listed processes is time consuming and too manual for an information age where all these processes can be captured as workflow within a computer system.


These now motivate me to support the polytechnic to proffer a remedy to the existing system; thereby:

  • Develop an online transcript management system that can keep record and reports of students which can be easily retrieved with increased data security.
  • To reduce the work rate of the school personnel.
  • To provide reduction in the amount of resources, this in turn will lower the cost of processing of student’s transcripts, since information will be stored in a database with reduced data Redundancy.
  • To provide reduction in bulkiness of files and record.
  • To haste the time used in retrieval of student’s files.

69 PAGES | CHAPTER 1-5   

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