Design and implementation of electronic security watch dog with human voice alarm.

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Chapter one discuss the introduction and preamble of the project, chapter two is the theoretical background of the component used, chapter three discuss the system design where every stage of the design is analytically done, chapter four deal with the construction procedure and testing and chapter five is the conclusion and recommendation for future work.69 PAGES | CHAPTER 1-5




The rapid increase in insecurity in the society necessitates the need to device a means of a security system. Although various strategies have been employed by government and various private organization to curtail the incessant increase in insecurity in the world but that has failed as a result of that more method has to be employed by individual to alert them whenever there is an intruder or visitor in theirhouse gate, offices and organization entrance gate.


In our present generation, properties are precious; the means of acquiring them are relatively scarce. Human lives are even more precious and vulnerable to attack by burglars,fire and men of underworld. Those attacks can be minimize to atleast a minimum by improving a means of alerting individual ,security men whenever there is a presence of human being in a gate and offices door. This device is known as electronic security watch dog with human voice alarm. The device uses an infrared principle with the ability to alert whoever is inside the security room, office and house whenever there is interference between the infrared signals by a voice message. The device is automatic in action, uncompromising and independent of any human activation to alert


An electronic security watch dog is an electronic device that voice out message to inform you that somebody is at the gate or office door. To achieve my electronic security watch dog with human voice alert, the following has to be designed.

  • The transmitter unit using NE555 timer ic to generate the infrared signal which is transmitted through the ir LED
  • The receiver unit which uses the infrared sensor(TSOP1738), NPN transistor(BC548) and NE555 timer as a delay
  • The voice unit which is made up of ISD2560 record/playback ic
  • Amplifier unit comprising of LM386 operational amplifier and speaker( LSI 8 0.5W)
  • Power supply unit

A security system was designed and constructed by M.J ogundele in 1994,in this designed ,the project were used to make an infrared transmitter operating in a stable multivibrator, The receiver unit consist of sensory circuit and switching circuit using monostable multivibrator .The switching device connect the infrared transmitter to the power supply.

Another security watch system was design and constructed by M.M Emmanuel in 1995, the circuit was built from 555 timeric incorporated in an infrared transmitter unit.A time delay circuit was used as an automatic device to disconnect electrical gadget like heating element after predetermined time.

In this project the 555 timer used in the transmitter is configured in astable multivibrator to generate infrared beam which is transmitted through the infrared LED.

Also the receiver unit use the infrared sensor(TSOP1738) and 555 timer ic which is configured in monostable multivibrator as a delay to  trigger the record /playback circuit. The above mention work make used of sound melody generator ic(UM66) for the for the alert system while in this project the used of voice message circuit was incorporate to alarm a voice message ‘HELLOW BOSS, YOU HAVE AVISITOR’ three times.


The boundaries of this project are power supply unit, transmitter unit,receiver unit,the voice message unit and the amplification unit.  69 PAGES | CHAPTER 1-5

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