How to prepare a project report for your final year project

You can follow the below order and content for preparing your final project report:

• Table of Contents

• Abstract sample download

You begin your Final Report with a Abstract. Write this section last as it is here that you will step back and give an overview of what has been achieved. In one page, certainly not more than two, list the main features of your project, what problem you were solving and how you solved it.

Introduction    sample download

How did the problem originally present itself to you in the first place, and how did it evolve over the course of the project. Give a detailed summary of the problem as well as a review of the literature or the market survey.

• The Solution    sample download

Describe your solution in detail. You may refer to the Appendix for detailed program code or other technical materials, but some summary or overview diagrams of the solution should be placed in the body of the report. This will help the reader get a sense for the overall structure of the solution.

• The Implementation Process/Results       sample download

Describe the process you went through to complete the project and compare what actually happened with the goals you were trying to achieve. Highlight any major variations from your original plans. Discuss the behavior of the finished program, and show some of its functionality.

• Conclusion      sample download

What has been accomplished and what are the major things that you learned from this project? What work still needs to be done on the system and how can it be improved and/or enhanced? Do you have any future plans for this software package?

• References        sample download

Include here all materials referenced within your report.
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